Never Again Pass On A Good Deal Because Of Funding.

The Evening's Agenda

Unused money is floating around you at all times. So how do you turn it into capital for Your business?

John Swiercinsky "the founder and funding guy at iCandy Homes" is teaching on this very special evening for you so that you can learn his secrets for raising financing of all types for all of your business ventures

What Makes Chicagoland Real Estate Connections Club Awesome

Feverishly trying to figure out real estate on your own can be atime consuming and often humbling experience.

It's all on your shoulders. We know what that feels like... and that's why we take the time to teach you the tools, systems and strategies that are bringing us results in our business. 

We are all busy, but this kind of event is well worth the little bit of time it takes. This month we are focused on taking out the guess work of funding for you and opening the flood gates to more opportunity and $$$$. 

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