You shouldn't have to choose between making enough money for your family and Spending precious time with them...


Pick The City Closest To You

It's Time To Create Your Own Economy

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to miss out on the things you most deserve. 

Like a career that affords you the income you need AND the freedom to pursue the things you're truly passionate about. 

Perhaps you, like so many others, kept your most sincere dreams a secret out of fear you may never be able to make them happen?

We get it.

It’s hard for most to find time to really reach their biggest goals in the time between the J.O.B. let alone the busy holidays, or balancing family life or taking care of yourself.

For us, entrepreneurship brings about freedom and fulfillment in a way a 9-5 never could.

Real Estate has allowed us to live passionately on the daily instead of only visiting our passions on nights and weekends.

Today having the freedom you want, doesn’t just mean having the ability to jetset off to Santorini on a whim. It’s also the ability to work from home, a local coffee shop, or just in the backyard with our kids that is truly living the dream.

To be brutally honest, life is too busy (and expensive) to whole-heartedly pursue the things you most love when you’re strapped to a normal job.

All You Need to Do is Pick the City Nearest You...

"The value is HUGE, everything iCandy teaches is step-by-step."

- Lori R.

"Every minute was full of great content, I rarely found myself looking at my watch."

- Jan D.

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